Strategy – What

  • Basis for all brand strategy is the understanding of the general trends  (STEP, Social, Technological, Economical & Political trends). What are the health & environmental trends? What are the macro-category & category trends?
  • We need to make sure we understand how consumers do define & segment our category?
  • Who, in terms of socio demographics and in terms of lifestyle, is our actual & future consumer?
  • What are the drivers and barriers of our category & brand?
  • What is our brand history sofar? What is our actual brand image?

Having the information above will make it easy to position your brand clearly, define the right brand architecture and solid brand vision at a longer term.

  • Who is the shopper? We need to bear in mind that our shopper is not always our consumer and therefore it is crucial to understand our shopper. We start with a deep knowledge of e.g. who is the country shopper (eg. What makes a Spanish shopper so different from a Belgian shopper?)
  • What is the strategy of our retailers/clients? What are their challenges today and in the future? How can we help them with their challenges?
  • What drives / stops shoppers to buy in a particular channel/customer? What are the hot and cold zones in the retailer? What is the path to purchase?
  • How does the shopper buy the category in a particular channel/customer? Planned or impulsive? Shopping mission? When does the shopper buy my category, where, why and why? What is its decision tree?
  • What is the shopper journey and its experience along this journey?

Having this information will help you gain credibility in your retailer and write a winning channel and customer strategy.

  • What is our category, manufacturer & brand performance in terms of formats, innovations, segments, price, promotion?
  • What are they key drivers and barriers of my brand and competition @ 6P level?
  • Do we cover the full price piano? What are the most efficient promotions? Etc.
  • What are the basic packaging rules when developing a new packaging?
  • How to create a coherent and successful innovation funnel? How to create innovation ideas, write concepts or develop ideas?
  • How do consumers perceive my brand and the ones of the competition? How is my brand image evolving? Am I top of mind with my consumers?
  • How is my brand experience along the consumption & shopping journey?

We do recommend to integrate the marketing and customer marketing plans to make sure both are aligned and everybody is moving in the right direction.

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