What do we offer?

We offer you a fresh pair of eyes for your strategic planning.


Based on Sparkling & Actionable insights, we help you to build consistent brand & communication strategies that make you feel confident.

Why the Almond?

Almonds keep in their heart their essence, the seed for the creation of the tree, like brands keep in their interior the secrets of their success.

This essence is hidden & protected by a hard shell that needs to be cracked to reach its heart, like crafting insights. Almonds are an endless source of energy that power any brand´s & communications strategy.

Connecting data, ideas & people is what gives life to The Almond Connection.

Why us?

How do we work?

Consumer Truth
Understand the "why"
Actionable Strategies
Translate insights into brand strategy
Communicate aligned with brand strategy

Our clients

Switch The Language

Award winning creative agency

We are building for tomorrow because tomorrow is the future and we want to make a contribution to the wonderful digital age that is awaiting us.