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How can your corporate communication improve with internal “correspondents”?

We all know, at least the ones we work in corporate communication, that communication teams are -to put it mildly – unequal. While some directors are lucky to have teams of 5, 6… even 10 people, others consider themselves lucky if they have someone to help them. You need to look for resources to get the job done, but… how? Well, how about creating your own network of correspondents?

Our success story

At The Almond Connection we have recently carried out a training program with this purpose: 16 people from a scientific institution, from different areas and diverse profiles, had to become internal correspondents to collaborate with the communication team. They spent 3 days understanding how the media work, how to communicate key messages, what topics and aspects interest them, how to write a press release, how to prepare a presentation to make it more attractive, even how to explain a scientific project in plain language.

After 15 hours of training -some started with certain reluctancy and finished with laughter and appreciation -, participants not only learned the A-B-C of corporate communication, but also understood the importance of looking for attractive approaches, how to explain them clearly and simply, and above all, they were excited by the project for which they had been chosen.

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How did we end up here?

Fortunately, all organizations have a fundamental element to identify and explain issues that may be of interest: PEOPLE. Even if your communication team is not large, or you are on your own, you are part of an organization where your colleagues can become your allies, or in other words, your network of correspondents.

Of course, do not expect them to become communicators overnight. To help you, we give you some tips to get them to be part of your team:

  • Identify them. Make a list of those work mates you think may have communication skills, or who might be willing to participate in a project of this type. Try to ensure that all areas of the company are represented.
  • Have a plan. What are you going to propose? What would your role be? What amount of workload will this mean for them? Define rules and procedures: how often will you meet?
  • Convince their superiors and work with HR: This project will be beneficial for their departments and areas, since it will give them greater visibility. If a project is not known, it cannot be communicated, so in order for the Communication Department to be able to spread the voice, someone needs to inform first the Communication Department.
  • Explain the project and make them feel passionate about it. Call them to a meeting to tell them that you have thought of them to be the correspondents of their respective departments or areas. Prepare all the details well. It is time to make them live the experience. Motivate them and generate pride of belonging. They are the chosen ones!

I’m in! But I know nothing about communication… This will surely be the main concern. Don’t worry. Make sure you can spend a small part of the department’s budget and we’ll take care of the rest 😉

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