Ingrid Bortels
Catalyst & Founder - Insights

After having directed international market research projects for large companies such as Unilever and Mondelez, she decided to create her own consultancy and take back control of her life.

She is 200% passion & energy, both in her professional projects and when talking about eco, the Middle East or the dance-club sessions she organizes.

It is well known that she won’t change sunny Barcelona for her native Flanders.

Inés Solà
Storydoer - Communication

She loves designing positioning & IIRR strategies, as well as organizing large events. As a convinced journalist, she began her career on the radio until she discovered corporate communication. As a consultant and director of corporate communication, she has worked for SMEs and large listed companies from different sectors.

To charge batteries, you will find her at the sea side or enjoying beautiful peaceful nature of Pallars. A lover of skiing and racquet sports, she applies her strategic vision even on the track.

Héctor Calvo
Storydoer - Communication

The six years he worked in Brussels as a lobbyist helped him to grasp the importance of public affairs and the need for organizations to engage with their stakeholders.

A belief that he has further developed as a consultant for large companies.

When he is not in the office you may find him with a book in his hands or playing his white Japanese-made 62 Stratocaster live on stage with his rock band.

Lina Kanapinskaite
Connector - Insights & Marketing

Lina has over 15 years of experience in market research and marketing at global companies (Orange, Unilever) and in innovation agencies (clients: Coca Cola, Nestlé, Peugeot, LVMH, Chanel, L’Oréal, Pernod Ricard).

Lina is a life-long learner who loves stepping out of her comfort zone and diving into big and small company challenges, at the crossroads of traditional and digital market research and marketing.

She is a certified coach, who understands individual and team dynamics, helping teams move towards common objectives. Originally a Lithuanian, she currently lives in the South of France, where she also runs a Lean In women empowerment network.

Xavier Barrachina
Connector - Communication

Natural born communicator and networker.

As a full-blooded journalist, he defends the integrity of communications and works to instill this vision to the companies and directors he advises.

He combines his passion for communication with his love for wine. Don’t hesitate to ask him for a glass from one of the most interesting biodynamic wineries in the Priorat region, which he is launching to the market.

Marta Estadella
Connector - Insights & Marketing

Marketing and insights expert after 20 years of successful career at Unilever.

She is passionate about connecting data dots and people, and has acquired a great intuition for connecting ideas, insights, challenges, dreams … with the belief that each of us has an internal talent to exploit and the ability to develop it.

She is a die-hard Barça fan and loves sports – ski, cycling, tennis, basket or football – specially in contact with nature

Montse Salguero
Connector & Insights Builder

Montse is passionate about helping companies find the right insights to make them grow. She has more than 15 years of experience in market research. Naturally curious, she has worked in market research departments of large companies such as Unilever and Affinity, and also as a consultant for Kantar.

Outside of work you may find her walking Ragnar (a German shepherd, not the Viking!) or creating handmade silver and Murano glass jewelry in her jewelry studio.

Reyes Guillén
Finance & Insights

She has a wide experience in Finance, Marketing and Market Research within Unilever +15Y.

She follows food trends and is passionate about the world of nutrition and how it can contribute to improving our health. She is a football lover and more specially, a Barça fan.

Alejandro Aristizábal
Insights Builder

With an insatiable curiosity, he has come to BCN in search of new challenges in the world of market strategy. His training as a management engineer, combined with a master’s degree in marketing, has given him the opportunity to learn from best practices in companies such as Postobón (Colombia), Mondelez, and GB Foods. His creative capacity and systemic vision allow him to ingeniously develop unique proposals for decision making.
He is passionate about electronic music – in his spare time he is music producer – and is always looking for travelling to find his next adventure in a new destination. 

Blandine Meyer
Connector & Insights Builder

Blandine has worked 15+ years in market research especially in consumer and shopper insight within Nielsen and Kantar, working in FMCG, Fashion, and Retail : Throughout her career she has worked for a wide variety of clients like Unilever, L´Oréal, Nestlé, Chanel, Lidl, Continente, Inditex.

Her positive energy, natural empathy and curiosity allow her to connect fast with internal and external stakeholders & understand their reality and assure the insights are turned into action.

After Paris & Barcelona, she settled in Portugal, enjoying the good food and wine (or quality of life). After the office you may find her at the gym, with friends or exploring the beautiful seaside of Portugal.

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