November 23, 2022 by comms, Corporate

Corporate communication can be fun too

The barriers between corporate and product communication blur. We were lucky enough to participate in a project in which – trying to avoid the rigidity of an institutional advertisement – we have created a spot to bring physiotherapy closer to society. And while working on it, we had a great time!

We work for the College of Physiotherapists of Catalonia, a body that defends the interests of the profession and works to publicize the importance of physiotherapy on people’s health. Within the corporate communication strategy, we decided to shoot an advertisement, with the aim of:

Reaching society in general: the spot is broadcast on TV3 (Catalonia’s public TV channel) and shown on social networks to reach all people, regardless of their age, since anyone can improve their physical condition by going to a physiotherapist.

Position physiotherapists as professionals close to the people: they are health personnel, and as such rigorous. But at the same time, it is a young profession and they are in the first row of contact with people.

For all this we have resorted to humor, hand in hand with the excellent APM? team, who have produced this fantastic spot.

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