Insights – Why

If only we would know what we don’t know…

Throughout our years of experience, we got experts in creating new growth opportunities for our companies by digging deeper in existing information and linking the different data-dots.

Companies usually have a wide variety of information; eg. From Nielsen, IRI, Millward Brown, IPSOS, GFK, Kantar Worldpanel, TNS, customer complaints, social media data, qualitative studies, quantitative studies, internal sales data, POS data, data that our retailers send us…

And last but not least, all the knowledge in the heads of our colleagues from the different disciplines.

Companies have so much information, but unfortunately, people today do not have the time anymore to read, think & link it all.

That is why we believe that if only we knew what we didn’t know, we would have the power to grow much faster than the competition.

If only we would visualize what we know…

To bring insights alive in the company it is necessary to visualize them.

This makes the insights much more attractive and helps them sell in & outside the company.

If only we would activate what we know…

Research is very expensive, so it is key that the insights are activated within the company. When research results are presented we often hear the comment that it was very interesting.

From our experience, we know that it is not enough to just present research results. With the time pressure, marketing and customer people need research outcomes to be actionable and ready to use.

To assure research comes to life in the company we are used to run cross functional workshops in which we:

  1. Distillate together the key insights,
  2. Activate them via creativity &/or action workshops.
This way of working helps people to understand & assimilate the insights. It helps them think on how the insights can be activated in their day-to-day job and ultimately make grow the company sales.
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