Strategy – How

Design the Brand Tree


What you are known for and want to build on.

Your core target.

The available choices your brand is competing with.

Key opportunity: the link the personal needs of your consumer and the ones of the category.

The brand personality, values and beliefs.

The emotional, functional & sensorial benefit that will drive purchase.

The proof that the brand can deliver on the promise, benefits & experience.

The key reason that consumers should prefer the brand over competition. Uniqueness.

Brand essence

Envision a coherent Brand Architecture


Brand design: product & packaging

Product: to start winning in the market you need to offer a product with an excellent price quality balance.

Packaging: Packaging is critical on how consumers relate to and experience your brand. For the design and development of packaging mock ups we work closely with Estudi Ferrer, a young & international creative design agency.


Price Strategy: Through statistical analysis we help you to find the right price.


Based on all this input we develop a sustainable long term Brand vision.

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