Insights – How


Get to the root of the issue: In order to solve the problem, and not just addressing symptoms, you need to ask the right questions. We carefully frame the issue so that ultimately we give you the right answers.

We squeeze value from existing information & only recommend new research if necessary, connect the different data points & develop 1st key insights. To do so we structure the information, using our Insights Cube (when you click on Insights Cube you get to the cube).


Together with the team we formulate hypotheses & identify information gaps.

Depending on the information gaps we can plug them with new research (Qualitative and/or Quantitative)


Reconnect: This is a phase full of new experiences and lifetime learnings for you and your team. Reconnects give you the opportunity to create an intuitive understanding of your consumer/buyer that makes everyday decisions easier to make in the future.

Together we collect all the observations (the WHAT) and craft the Insights (WHY) & Insights platforms (OPPORTUNITIES). This is where the magic happens and knowledge starts to transform into action.


We will help marketing teams to turn these insights into concrete actions via creative &/or action driven workshops.

Based on this approach we ensure we build winning strategies, clear & coherent 360º communication

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