May 28, 2019 by Corporate

Reputation in colour

Reputation. How are we perceived? Since we are young, during our school years, reputation is something that we regard as important. However, not everyone gives it the same importance or takes care of it the same way.

In today’s world reputation matters. It matters a lot. But in the corporate world it is seen as something rather distant, even grey. Something that only matters to a department or group of people within the organization.

At The Almond Connection we believe in #reputationincolour. The kind of reputation that is built inside-out. The one that is real, coherent and sustainable over time. Do you want to know why we see the reputation in colour?

1. Because this is about #people. Reputation is not an ‘entity’, it is part of the collective imagination of people.

2. Because we talk about #perceptions, and nobody sees the world in black and white.

3. Because reputation is #emotion. To be convincing you need to thrill and seduce your audience.

4. Because it talks about you and your organization. And that means there is #life and #dynamism behind. There are illusions, beliefs and projects. And they are all full of energy and colour.

5. Because it is not linear. Reputationis #circular. It starts and finishes in your organization and impacts all your audiences along the way.

6. Because it is not an “expert only” field but everybody’s business. Reputation cannot be a compendium of brainy reports. It is a sum of #experiences that impact everybody inside and outside the organization.

7. Because it is a way of telling stories. Your story! Or would you like someone else to tell it for you?  #storytelling

8. Because if what you say and what you do is really part of your DNA, this will be transmitted. And you will therefore foster #hope, #coherence and #trust

9. Because reputation is not the responsibility of a single committee or department. It involves all the organization.

10. Because reputation is based on #trust. To generate trust one needs to be #transparent

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