March 11, 2021 by comms, Corporate

Do you have a COVID narrative?

Do you know how to adapt your corporate story to the COVID context? It seems that we are programmed to sell positive images and that, when faced with more complex situations, not all communication departments know how to give the appropriate explanations. We are not talking about crisis communication here. After months of uncertainty, there [...]
May 28, 2019 by Corporate

Reputation in colour

Reputation. How are we perceived? Since we are young, during our school years, reputation is something that we regard as important. However, not everyone gives it the same importance or takes care of it the same way. In today’s world reputation matters. It matters a lot. But in the corporate world it is seen as […]

January 23, 2019 by Corporate

The Almond Connection starts new season

New characters, new stories, new challenges. The new season of The Almond Connection breaks into the marketing and communication sector with one clear goal: to connect data, people and ideas. In the Almond’s first season Marta & Ingrid helped large global retailers and FMCG companies to grow their business, based on actionable customer insights. In […]

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