February 27, 2020 by Corporate

‘Putting order’ in the communication of organizations

Lately, there are many customers and potentials who call us because they ‘need to put order’ in the communication of their organizations. But what exactly does it mean to put “order”? Is it to be organized, efficient and consistent? Or rather eliminate all that is unnecessary? If anyone knows about order, it is the guru […]

February 22, 2019 by Corporate

La industria hotelera pone el foco en la gestión de los datos

El Hospitality Innovation Planet – HIP’2019 celebró esta semana su tercera edición en IFEMA Madrid y demostró el interés que existe en el sector de la industria hotelera por todos los aspectos relacionados con la innovación. Muchas de las ponencias del congreso Hospitality 4.0 se centraron en este aspecto, ya fuera desde el punto de […]

January 23, 2019 by Corporate

The Almond Connection starts new season

New characters, new stories, new challenges. The new season of The Almond Connection breaks into the marketing and communication sector with one clear goal: to connect data, people and ideas. In the Almond’s first season Marta & Ingrid helped large global retailers and FMCG companies to grow their business, based on actionable customer insights. In […]

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